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Style Clash: New Mexico in Lake Forest

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Newly listed in western Lake Forest is a New Mexico adobe style mansion designed by local architect James Economou and completed in 1989. Dennis Rodkin trumpets its outlandish qualities in this morning's Deal Estate post. In sum: the house isn't actually adobe clay but stucco, which stands up better to northern climes. There's real turquoise inside the walls to "promote health and happiness in the home", according to its Taos Indian builder Joel McHorse. The interiors boast Ponderosa pine log ceilings, clay tile floors, exposures in all directions, and something known as a "spirit hole" in the master bath— releasing bad spirits at shower time. The home sits on five acres of woodlands and prairie and includes an outdoor pool, a big pond, and a waterfall. The ask? $2.395M. [Chicago Mag]