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Railyard-Adjacent Sorcery-Chic Industrial Loft Lists For $205K

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We might be opening ourselves up to a hex for reaming this industrial loft's decor, but we just can't help ourselves. The property is tucked away on a dead end segment of 14th street just west of Western, surrounded by rail yards. Its old factory bones are great, and there's 2,700-square-feet of living space for only $205K. But the place is either a gathering spot for Wiccans, Harry Potter obsessives, or for regular folks who like ominous-looking crap hanging from their ceilings, elaborate candle displays draped around an altar-like den, and small animal hides tucked along the fireplace mantle. Another winning feature: the vertical beams that wrap around the den space are adorned with mounted dragon heads. We'll give 'em the benefit of the doubt and leave the sorcery kits unexpurgated. But it's not all inundated with the dark arts: the kitchen and bathroom look surprisingly normal. And, if we're honest, a little dull too. The place is chock full of amenities, though, and could be a truly incredible deal for someone prepared to live in an industrial zone.
·Listing: 2419 W 14th Street Unit 2N [Landmark Heritage Realty]