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The Chicago Architecture Blog did a little sleuthing through old city documents to trace the lineage of a supposed public school provision for the Lakeshore East mega-development. What the blog found was strong language early on stressing the expectation that a public school would be built in the new neighborhood. We're talking the late 70s. As the development grew, critical language was curiously omitted from city documents and the public school provision became less of a decree and more of a request. Furthermore, the potential school site shifted more than a couple times (for a while, it looked like it would take up space in Aqua). Now, it appears public is out and private is in. The Chicago Architecture Blog has it on good authority that BKL is designing a six-story Gems Academy, potentially sited on a vacant plot just west of The Tides. No renderings are available at this point. So much for all the young Lakeshore East families counting on a public elementary option. [Chicago Architecture Blog]