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Openings: The Broadcast Museum

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The new Museum of Broadcast Communications building will open tomorrow amid questions on its efficacy in creating jobs— at least the number promised by the museum's founder Bruce DuMont when working to secure state funding a couple years ago. The museum, formerly housed in the Cultural Center, will now call a four-story converted State Street parking garage home. DuMont promised the $27M project would produce 200 yearlong construction jobs and 19 staff positions (15 full-time). Instead, the museum is starting out with just 11 part-time positions, and, while 180-200 construction jobs were produced, they were of widely-varied longevity. We've got no beef with the museum, which oughta be really cool, but sentiments such as "I think inspiration is a form of job creation because it changes one['s] life" handed down from our cultural leaders are cheap and corny at best. [Trib, graphic: The Tribune]