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JGMA Designs El Valor International Inclusion Center

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The architecture firm JGMA was selected back in January 2011 to design the El Valor International Inclusion Center. Now, thanks to the watchful eye of Buckman821 at, we can see what they've come up with for the Back of the Yards site. The Chicago-based firm has crafted a highly-transparent structure with three irregularly-shaped cut-outs in the roof, which will allow for even more light to enter the 2-story building. The 130,000-square foot facility is aimed at improving the lives of disabled individuals and will also function as a community center with educational offerings and programs in horticulture, music, and culinary arts. El Valor, which means "courage," is a non-profit group dating back to the early 1970s, founded by community activist Guadalupe A. Reyes. No word yet on when construction will begin.
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·El Valor International Inclusion Center [JGMA Website]