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Regional Affairs: A Ray Bradbury Museum?

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Ray Bradbury's biographer wants Waukegan to open a personal museum in the late author's honor. Carrying forth the wishes of Bradbury himself, Sam Weller envisions something akin to the Hemingway museum in Oak Park to "house his things" and "bring people from around the world to reflect on his legacy." The city, for its part, already has a plan in the works for a Ray Bradbury section in a new visitors center, to be built into the frame of a defunct Carnegie Library. One problem: the money for restoration (several million dollars) was redirected to ArtSpace, a residential building for artists. That leaves non-profits to carry out the quest for new funding streams. Personal museums have a checkered history in the Chicago region: Woodstock's Dick Tracy museum fizzled out, and Gary's vision for a $300M Michael Jackson museum is going nowhere fast. Conversely, the Hemingway birthplace and museum are big draws for their educational merits. [Trib, photo via Waukegan Public Library]