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Perfectly Preserved Obama-Proximate Mansion Hits The Market

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Designed by William Otis, a prominent local architect and Art Institute lecturer, Kenwood's 1896 C.E. Gill Residence is a massive assembly of virtually-untouched vintage details. How massive? 5,300 square feet with eight bedrooms, three-and-a-half baths, and a 300-foot-deep lot. The home's been restored with an appropriate amount of updating, but it still feels like the exact encapsulation of an era. Period features include the wood-paneled dining room, lighting, set of five fireplaces, bedroom closet sinks (for hand-washing your socks & undies), and stained glass windows. A rear porch and balcony overlook the meandering backyard. What's she asking? $1.699M.
·Listing: 4917 S Greenwood Ave. [RE/MAX]