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CTA Adding New Buses to the Tune of $330 Million

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[Photo by Zol87 via flickr Creative Commons]

The CTA's bus fleet is about to get a little younger— and longer. At a cost of $330 million, the CTA is planning to purchase 425 new buses and rehab another 1,000. Of the new buses, which are diesel-electric hybrids and lower-emission all-diesel vehicles, 325 will be standard-sized 40-footers. The remaining 100 are 60-foot articulated buses, giving riders a better chance of nabbing that coveted seat during rush hour. According to CTA President Forrest Claypool, the money saved from decreased maintenance costs will be directed toward improving bus service. In addition, 479 higher polluting buses that are nearing their 12-year lifespan will taken out of service. All of this will be paid for with CTA bond funds backed by sales taxes with no state or federal money involved.
·CTA promises like-new bus fleet [Chicago Tribune]