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1872 Limestone Rowhouse Asks $2.55M in Gold Coast

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Here now, from the frighteningly opulent outpost known as the Gold Coast, a shining member of an 1872 greystone row has just come on the market for $2.55M. This is the kind of place that treats rooms like accessories— there's a library, bar room, office, and six bedrooms. Up-to-date square footage isn't given, but public records have it at 3,166. Among the nicest aspects of this immediate post-fire home are the 12' ceilings and corresponding floor-to-ceiling windows. Ditto the four sculptural fireplaces. The landscaping is also outstanding (if aristocratic courtyards are your thing). Come to think of it (and much to our chagrin), there's not much we can speak ill of. Maybe you'll come up with something.
·Listing: 1250 N State Pkwy [Coldwell Banker]