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8,000 sf Custom Manse Lists for $7.5M in the Gold Coast

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Parked directly beside the grave of Frank Lloyd Wright's Gold Coast love nest (demolished last fall) is an 8,000-square-foot composite of spoils. Completed in 2010, the 4/5.5 limestone mansion has a 12' average ceiling height, Walnut flooring, custom millwork, a theater, library, rec room, and three outdoor spaces including a penthouse level terrace with a bar. Custom built by former Broadway Bank owner George Giannoulias, according to Elite Street's Bob Goldsborough, it wouldn't surprise us if he's selling to escape anticipated new construction on the site next door. Never mind that that's precisely the disturbance caused by the three years spent constructing this home. But hey, when you've got a chance to bank $7.5M, selling would have its temptations.
·Listing: 21 E Cedar St. [Conlon]