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Intense Kenwood Victorian Sells for 35% Below 2010 Ask

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Back in September, with its price stuck at $1.799M, we speculated on the root cause of this 1893 Victorian mansion's 18 months of languishing on the market. How could so much house be so unpalatable? At the time, we felt the house wasn't all that well represented in pictures. There was no clear sense of outdoor space given, nor was there a close-up of the sprawling and ornate front porch. Interior pics suffered from poor composition and lighting. Did the agent rush out to remedy these ills? Not at all. But mercifully, the 5,000-square-foot 6-bed beauty has just been sold for $1.525M. The total price reduction over a two-year listing span amounts to $775K. Was it ever going to get $2.3M? Maybe back in the aughts, but not now, and certainly not without its best face forward. Also, as Joe Zekas commented in our earlier post, there's no garage— a real turn-off for buyers at this price point. But we're glad to see someone's gonna make it work!
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