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Clearer Picture Emerges for Cottage Grove Mixed-Use Project

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This just in: the long-discussed mixed-use rental development slated for 45th and Cottage Grove in Grand Boulevard finally has a render. Orchestrated by the CHA and Quad Community Development Corporation, the 155-unit rental project will fill in the ghastly 4.7-acre vacanct site spanning the entire block between 44th and 45th. A CHA informational meeting in late March brought forth more details, and now unrivaled development prowler Spyguy at Skyscraper Page has uncovered an early batch of renderings. The traditional brick and precast row buildings will converge on a pleasing public courtyard with a community center, according to Everyblock's recap of the meeting. Much of the development taking place in the Quad communities (North Kenwood, Oakland, Douglas, and Grand Boulevard) is guided by the City's Cottage Grove Corridor Master Plan from 2005. The plan identifies three dense nodes of development at 43rd, 45th, and 47th along Cottage Grove. This is one of them. Another is the further along housing and retail cluster at 47th and Cottage Grove, known as the Shops and Lofts at 47, a staged development of 140 rental units and 50,000-square-feet of retail (including the likely presence of an Aldi grocery).

Returning to the meeting recap, the housing mix at the 45th and Cottage Grove site will consist of 27% CHA units, with the remainder a blend of subsidized and market rate units. The market rents will range from $1,100 for one-beds to $1,600 for three-beds. Seems a little steep for the area. We're awaiting word from Quad as to the developer and funding status. Completion and occupancy are loosely slated for 2014.
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