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Preservation Watch: Resolving the Wilmette Saga

Rest easy friends, we now know the fate of the Schindler-Wright cottage in Wilmette. We had thought that the singular 1920 structure would be wrapped up in a sale of the neighboring John Van Bergen-designed house, now on the market. But a second developer, Joe Catrambone, will instead disassemble and relocate the cottage to his private Wauconda lakefront property. He just needs to raise $80K to complete the task. Even though the cottage will sit on private land, Catrambone hopes to open it to architectural tourism, fully recognizing its significance as Rudolph Schindler's only remaining work in the Chicago area. "I do not understand why the Wilmette Park District didn’t get it, and buy (the building), and make the numbers work," he said to the OakLeaves/Sun-Times. “From my point of view it was a complete mistake. But it was to my benefit, to be honest.” [OakLeaves/Sun-Times via PrairieMod, previously, image: Mark Hertzberg]