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The Five Priciest Rentals Currently On The Market

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Here now, from the depths of MLS, the five most expensive rentals currently on the market. Three of the five are condo units, the most expensive atop Trump (consistently logging the most expensive for sale and for rent units in the city). The two other condo rentals are in the former Elysian (now Waldorf-Astoria), at 11 E Walton. Geographically, all of the properties are where you'd expect them to be: Gold Coast, River North, and Lincoln Park. Sorry Wickerites, you're still the coolest!

5. 11 E Walton Street #3001
The Skinny: On the 30th floor of the former Elysian, this 4,000-square-foot condo has just three bedrooms. But, oh yeah, it's also got two terraces, an advanced kitchen, "spa-like" custom master bath, and designer finishes throughout. Unfortunately, you'll have to use your imagination as the listing is devoid of images. The ask? $16,000/month.

4. 11 E Walton Street #3401
The Skinny: Another unit in the former Elysian, this 3/3.5 trades a little square footage for a bit more height. Measuring about 3,750-square-feet on the 34th floor, it has most of the same features as unit 3001 above, plus a fireplace. Rent—$16,000—is the same as well. Also, the Waldorf Hotel's world-class amenities are all made available.

3. 1906 N Burling Street
The Skinny: Newly available, this is the largest property at 7,400-square-feet. It's also one of two single family homes that made the cut. There's a lot of big stats here, but the biggest has to be the 10 stone fireplaces. A new construction home in Lincoln Park, the five-bedroom house also has six-and-a-half baths, high ceilings, a library, glitzy millwork, and a labyrinth of outdoor spaces. The ask? $17,000/month.

2. 74 E Elm Street
The Skinny: The other $17,000 single family is this 6,500-square-foot 4/6 in the Gold Coast. Known as the "1888 Potter Palmer mansion", it's also listed for sale at $3.975M. Aside from being, well, old and dignified, the mansion's been renovated to include a smart home system with surround sound and security cameras. A second-floor "kitchen/English pub" supplies the quirk factor.

1. 401 N Wabash Ave Unit 88A
The Skinny: Considering this is the most expensive rental we could locate on the market, you'd expect more colorful brokerbabble. The details are all there at least: 88th-floor Trump Tower penthouse; 6,400-square-feet; 16' ceilings; jacuzzi; fireplaces; and boatloads of building amenities. One unshakeable fact remains: you're asked to shell out $22,000/month for a condo, albeit one "half way to heaven".