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Modern 5-bedroom Loft Consumes Factory in Lincoln Park

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Our casual industry may be all but gone, quarantined in Industrial Corridors, but at least there's folks of means and daring to come along and breathe new life into some of the factory remains that pepper residential areas. Often you get a passable multi-unit conversion, but once in a while someone nabs a whole building for themselves. This was a pocket-sized factory to begin with, but large enough for a princely home. The result? A mesmerizing five-bed, four-bath space with catwalks, enormous skylights, high ceilings, three wood-burning fireplaces, a library, study, den, balcony, roof deck with hot tub, and a walled garden. Whew! Converted in the 1970s, there've clearly been upgrades since. We don't know why the owners went with astroturf for their lawn and we really don't know why you'd want to advertise such a thing. Otherwise, we stand by the property's aesthetic. Asking $2.45M, the last sale was for $1M in 2004. We imagine the newer finishes account for some of the inflation.
·Listing: 2620 N Lakewood Ave. [Coldwell Banker]