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Most Expensive Property By A Mile Hits The Market At Trump

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Chicago has a new most expensive property listing, and it could easily go down as the priciest sale in this town's history. The 89th-floor penthouse suite, forming the crown of the Trump International Hotel & Tower, is the highest residence in the Western Hemisphere and offers 14,260 square feet to mold to your liking. It's all about stature with this one— why else would anyone pay anything close to $32,000,000(!), twice the Chicago area's highest recorded sale (in Lake Bluff, 2007). The only other property in the same galaxy is Michael Jordan's 56,000-square-foot Highland Park estate, listed for $29M. Within city limits, the second most expensive MLS-listed home is a to-be-built single-family extension of Lincoln Park 2520, asking a scant $10,895,000.

In a way, it's odd that a property of this caliber is even listed on MLS in the first place. These sorts of transactions often play out in another world far removed from the masses. Really. Only bazillionaires drop $32M on a place that still needs floors and doors (D. Rose went for a comparatively restrained $2.8M 84th-floor unit). And, of course, the listing agent is selling the space's rawness as a perfect pairing for big egos. It's hard to even envision what could become of such singular and enormous environs (16' ceilings, panoramic views). The building already has an absurd array of five star amenities. But, naturally, you'll have to share with those low-floor scrubs.
·Listing: 401 N Wabash Ave. Ph 89A [Coldwell Banker]

Trump International Hotel & Tower

401 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611