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Calamities in the Making

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Brace yourself, proud Chicagoans. The CTA is reportedly floating a new revenue-raising gimmick that's bound to agitate most everyone but a handful of corporations. ABC shot a video news segment just an hour ago conveying the CTA's intent to sell off the naming rights for 10 stations throughout the system. Six were listed in the broadcast: North/Clybourn, Fullerton, Addison, 95th/Dan Ryan, and the O'Hare and Midway stations. The company with the winning bid would get their name affixed to the existing station name, like the "Apple North/Clybourn Station" or "Starbucks Fullerton Station" or "Taco Bell Doritos Locos Midway Station". Would you trade civic pride to temporarily avert a fare hike? We're not convinced it'll happen— the CTA's gonna get an epic earful on this one. [ABC]