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With work set to begin in about a week on the Cermak Green Line station, Ben Meyerson of the Chicago Journal fleshed out the architect for the forthcoming Motor Row station. It's Carol Ross Barney, the architect behind the new Morgan Station. That was suspected, but only recently confirmed by Ross Barney. The firm told Meyerson that paperwork is being finalized on the $50M commission. That's right, 50 smackeroos, or 12 more than the Morgan construction. The public has been swooning over the Morgan stop since well before it opened last week, so Ross Barney is an obvious pick. The bulk of the money will come from Near South TIF funds, and the project is accelerating towards a late 2014 completion. Hey, at least it's not a corporate handout. [Chicago Journal, photo: Kevin Dickert/Curbed Chicago]