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LEED Platinum Bucktown Home Returns to Market for $1.79M

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Remember this wily green construction? We've been tracking it for 18 months and counting. It never sold, but saved itself from festering by taking a lengthy breather. Now, nearly a year later, the eye-catching adaptive-reuse single-fam at 1610 N Honore in Bucktown is back for a sporting try with a slight price reduction. The 3,700-square-foot 4-bed is asking $1.79M, down $160K from when we last visited in March of 2011. This time around there's a full complement of interiors to marvel at, in addition to the formidable medley of green features (recycled materials, garage-top solar panels). And developer Tom McGrath's quest for LEED Platinum certification has been realized. To refresh, McGrath bought this plot and its old two-flat back in '08 and proceeded to reshape and grow the structure into the flashy modern contraption before you. It was first listed in September 2010 for $2.5M. Still one of Bucktown's priciest abodes, we wonder if its comparatively modest size is its chief handicap.
·Listing: 1610 N Honore St. [MetroPro Realty]