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Facts & Figures

In this morning's Deal Estate column, Dennis Rodkin took the time to present a local summary of new Zillow data on the geography of distressed mortgages. Looking at homeowners with underwater mortgages who are also behind on payments, Cicero comes out ahead at 17.7%— not the sort of thing you look to excel in (fear not, Ciceroans! Jeanne Gang has your medicine). Posen, Markham, and part of Aurora also registered more the 17% of homeowners in this particularly acute predicament. In the city, the zip code covering North Kenwood and Oakland had the highest occurrence— 14.3%. Not surpringly, snootier nabes like Lincoln Park and Lake View and 'burbs like Kenilworth had little to cry about (although underwater mortgages are still an issue). The Chicago-area median is 5.4%. For all the granular data, visit the Zillow/TransUnion report. [Chicago Mag, photo via Wikipedia]