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Threatened John Van Bergen-Designed Home Lists for $599K

A resolution of sorts has been reached regarding the preservation of a John Van Bergen-designed home and a smaller neighboring cottage built by Rudolph Schindler in Wilmette. Both architects had strong professional associations with Frank Lloyd Wright, and Wright was personally involved in the cottage design. We've been tracking the harrowing drama of how a developer's interests might be met while still realizing a happy outcome for the structures. Word today from Joe Zekas of YoChicago is that George Hausen closed on the conjoined property just days ago for $800K after obtaining village approval for a split. Hausen requested the variations so he could site the two structures on a single parcel and sell it on the open market, hopefully to someone interested in their ongoing preservation although no protections currently exist to ensure that outcome. Hausen will build a new home on the other half of the purchased property.

Sure enough, the Bergen house has just been listed for $599K. By all indications, the breathtaking work is in great condition. It has three bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, walls of windows, and a two-story living room with balcony overhang. There's no indication of the Schindler structure in the listing, probably because it takes time to move a building. Should it sell for list, it would mean Hausen scored a 50' x 175' developable lot in Wilmette for just $200K. All in a day's work.
·Listing: 1318 Isabella St. [@properties]
·Wilmette Approves Lot Variations on Isabella Street [Wilmette-Kenilworth Patch]