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Capone's Favored Retreat Lands on eBay

Word in the papers today is Al Capone's preferred weekend retreat, the Mineola Hotel in Fox Lake, is up for sale on eBay. An odd but not unprecedented approach for the sale of real estate, the starting bid is set at $2M, according to the Daily Herald. And that'll get you far more than the historic hotel, a playground for mobsters in the 1910s and 20s. Owner Pete Jakstas is selling the entire 17-acre lakeside property, his house and marina included. The "Grand Lady of the Lakes" is one of the oldest remaining wooden structures in Illinois, built in 1884. It's fallen into disrepair— exactly how far is a point of contention between Jakstas and the village. Even if there ends up being confirmed structural problems, this is still a chance to land a pretty good price on a national landmark. [Daily Herald]