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Colorful Vinyl Installation to Engulf State & Adams

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In her piece Color Jam, multimedia artist Jessica Stockholder will execute roughly what's shown above at the intersection of State & Adams. Installation begins today and finishes Monday. Splashes of colored vinyl will flood the streets and sidewalks, resolving in tight formation across the lower facades of neighboring buildings. According to the press release, Stockholder's piece is the third commissioned work by the Chicago Loop Alliance's Art Loop. The first two were Tony Tasset's three-story EYE sculpture (a memorable one) and Kay Rosen's five-story mural imploring viewers to GO DO GOOD. A testament to the program's success, Color Jam will be the largest public art work in Chicago history and the largest contiguous vinyl project in the U.S. It'll certainly be the most disruptive too— in a good way. Per the release:

It is composed of over 76,000 square feet of colored vinyl—enough material to make 50,000 vinyl records, wrap over 130 city buses or cover one and a half football fields. Printing Color Jam on a standard HP home printer would require 2,100 ink cartridges and 180 hours of continuous printing. The official opening is Tuesday June 5th, but you can glimpse the action any evening over the next week. Or check out the streaming video feed. Looks as if they've gotten an early start.
·Official Site: Art Loop 2012