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Exit Strategy Needed as Chops Keep Coming to Victorian

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On a prime block a stone's throw (don't actually throw one!) from Obama's family home, this 3,700-square-foot 1903 Victorian has been on-and-off the market for more than three years. A little pricey and rough around the edges, now that it's dipped below $1M is the seller's fortune about to change? The brokerbabble is sure to remind of the neighborhood's presidential pedigree, calling Kenwood "a historic landmark district which boasts the life that is fit for the President". It's not that that doesn't ring true, it's that this particular property has a ways to go before it's on par with the pristine houses and mansions typifying the historic district.

The elaborate four-floor Victorian certainly has a lot of original architectural details inside and out, much of it in oak. In addition to the seven bedrooms and three-and-a-half baths, there's a sun room, great room, foyer, finished basement, and even a "maid room". Outdoors spaces run from a screened porch and patio to a deep backyard. A coach house/garage with a one-bed apartment sits at the back of the property. Initially listing in April 2009, the earliest price we could locate was $1.6M in December 2010. From there, it's tumbled all the way down to $999,999. Even so, that seems like a lot to ask for a home wanting updates and a little consistency from room to room.
·4730 S Greenwood Ave. [Exit Strategy Realty]