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Oakwood Shores Ratchets Up A New Construction Phase

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The ultimate goal of the multi-phase Oakwood Shores development in Bronzeville is to replace almost all of the 3,500 housing units lost when the CHA demolished the run-down Ida B. Wells/Madden Park complex. The difference is in income mix (much livelier) and physical stock (low-rise over high-rise). That being said, it's been a slow road to realization. The community is piloting a lot of the planning as the city awards developer contracts piece-by-piece. Since 2003, only 750 units have been built on the 94-acre site. Good news, though: the city has just awarded McShane Construction the contract to build another 106 rental units in a single six-story building at 3753-3755 S. Cottage Grove Ave. According to REJournals, at least 36 units will be classified 'affordable'. Joining the party is Mercy Hospital and Medical Center, which will operate a 28,000-square-foot medical office component on buildings lower levels. NIA Architects (which has done some work on nearby Lake Park Crescent) and Stull and Lee have been enlisted for the design, which at its core is simply a collection of precast brick-accented panels. Various green features will be incorporated and an enclosed courtyard with "multiple pergolas" will form the signature greenspace.
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