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Pre-Lease Randolph Tower 'Penthouse' Units

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The newly christened Randolph Tower City Apartments, a residential conversion of the storied Art Deco office tower, has been welcoming tenants to the first half of its eventual 312 units. Beginning June 1st, you'll be able to pre-lease the 'penthouse' units that fill the upper Gothic tower from floors 28 to 43. They won't be ready for occupancy until November, but if you dig the tidal wave of modernizations that Randolph Tower City Development and Village Green beset on the building's vintage shell, then you'll wanna swoop in on one rather hastily. Pre the press release, the 26 loosely-defined 'penthouses' include "five full-floor units with 360 skyline views include the 38th floor unit with wraparound terrace." There's also eight duplexes. The units are either 2/2 or 1/1. [Randolph Tower City Apartments, previously]