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Development Update: 3750 N Halsted

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The fate of 3750 North Halsted is now in the hands of the Chicago Plan Commission. The road to City Council for the controversial project has been a circuitous one, with neighborhood groups and developers going mano-a-mano over the final design. Ald. James Cappleman backs JDL Development's plans to build 15 and 12-story high-rises at the site, despite a vocal contingent of local residents calling for less density. As Cappleman told Crain's, "We know it's going to have a profound impact on the ward. If you look just north of that area, in the 3800 block of North Halsted, it's starving for a shot in the arm. I think this is going to connect the retail on the southern end of the ward with the northern end." And thanks to unspoken policy of aldermanic prerogative, his support all but guarantees approval of the $73.4 million, 269-unit project. [Crain's, previously]