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Comment of the Day

"I understand the arguments about money towards design and money towards efficiency, but in my mind, it's apples and oranges. Yes, it's very easy to quantify improvements to transit times, reductions of slow zones. But with all design, it's not always as easy to gauge exactly how much a community is improved by an investment. I can tell you, after 10 years in the design community, this stuff matters. Even if it's the most efficient system in the world, if the stations have the feel and appearance of an econo-tomb you're doing a disservice to the community and to the riders. Take a look at some of the cold war era Moscow subway stations, lavish doesn't even begin to describe them, and I certainly wouldn't call them economical. They now are part of the visual makeup that is Moscow and forever will be. Everyday riders can take pride in their stations and tourists are awed by their elegance. Chicago is a modern, global city and this should be reflected in projects such as train stations, bus shelters, parks, etc. Good design, which almost always costs more, pays unseen dividends." —IntrepidChicago [Morgan Station Now Open and Ready for Riders]