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Oprah Lists Lakefront Co-op for Half of What She Paid in 2006

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This just in: Oprah Winfrey has put her 4,600-square-foot Streeterville co-op on the market for $2.8M, reports Bob Goldsborough for The Tribune. The massive reduction over the 2006 purchase price of $5.6M virtually negates the Oprah-factor. It's now in line with the building's other units, like this nearly identical one a floor below. She must really have disdain for the place. We know Oprah never lived here— something about breach of privacy. And we guess the renting option wasn't panning out (it would be hard to keep a place steadily occupied at $15K/month, and would a billionaire want the bother?). The illustrious unit belongs to the illustrious Beaux Arts building at 199 E Lake Shore Drive that once housed the likes of John Candy. The space yields three bedrooms, four baths, and a number of extraneous rooms. Oprah retains hold of another nearby duplex condo, which she's long favored. Maybe she'll tire of lazy Hawaii. Must get dull.
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