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Morgan Station Now Open and Ready for Riders

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Last weekend, the CTA unveiled its shiny new jewel of a station at Morgan and Lake. We've been waiting patiently since our visit back in November for it to be complete. It will serve the Green and Pink Lines in an area of the West Loop that has become increasingly rabid in recent years. The modern design of the $38 million station takes its cues from the neighboring streetscape. Interiors are sleek and bright, especially the spacious, fully-enclosed transfer bridge, which offers great views of the skyline to passing commuters. We also enjoyed the interplay of glass and textured metals in the airy stairwells leading up the platform. The ADA-compliant station features arrival time information via Train Tracker, security cameras, and creatively-designed bicycle racks located at street level. It was funded in large part by $30 million in TIF money, with additional assistance from state and federal grants. Let's hope the new kid on the block can spark some serious transit-oriented development!
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