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Laura Ricketts Launches Wilmette New-Build

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The Ricketts are congregating along the Wilmette lakefront. The siblings of the prominent family, which owns the Cubs, will live a stone's throw from one another once Laura Ricketts and partner Heidi Grathouse build their 9,500-square-foot mansion. As Dennis Rodkin reports for Chicago Mag, that's about to happen. The couple purchased the 1.2-acre lakefront site across from the famed Bahai'i Temple two years ago for $6.5M. It contained an older house, which is now halfway deconstructed and will be recycled into the new structure as much as possible. "It's very important to our clients to be as green as possible," says an architect with the firm Morgante Wilson. Hmm... tearing down a serviceable structure to build a much larger one in its place doesn't strike us as an overtly green gesture. Also on the matter of size, the house will be roughly three times larger than Laura's brothers' homes a few blocks away. Plans for the lakeward-sloping monster have just been submitted for village approval. [Deal Estate]