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A Few Words Used To Describe Logan Square's FLEXhouse

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Perhaps this is the kind of strategy that won Ranquist Development a number of home building industry awards in the last several years. Seldom do you see something so relentlessly silly yet heartwarming in mainstream marketing. Over on Ranquist's FLEXhouse development page is a link titled "Flextastic". Click on it and all you get is a straight-faced list of 'flex'-derived adjectives for how utterly awesome and flexible life will be at their soon-to-be-built Logan Square rowhome development. We took the liberty of plastering them across the rendering. Ranquist is behind many small condo buildings and sleek new single-families scattered throughout Wicker Park, East Village, and West Town, including the lauded Urban Sandbox development and a contemporary renovation of the Meeker Mansion in Lake View.

The FLEXhouse plans call for eight modern row homes at California and Shakespeare so tightly squished together they appear as one condo block. Surely that isn't the flexibility they're going on about. It must have something to do with the open floorplans and customized features. The homes also have such neato features as heated concrete floors, finished basements, and sizable private yards. Construction is scheduled to begin July 1st with prices set at or around $400K (like this one, for example).
·Official Site: FLEXhouse
·Listing: 2805 W Shakespeare Ave [Trulia]