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Modest Changes Come to Madison & Racine Apartment Project

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The real snoozer of an apartment development planned for 1200 W Madison has been noticeably modified. Mainly, it's been cut through with an extra break or two of glass balconies and the corner focal point is perhaps slightly less bulbous and suburban office park-like. If anything, the building's more conventional than before, and more balanced and composed. When we reported on a development meeting hosted by Ald. Burnett in December, we echoed the overwhelming sense of disappointment conveyed by the meeting's attendees. Predicatably, scale was a primary community concern with some calling for a dramatic downscaling and a breaking up of the massing into a set of smaller buildings. Well, Ascend Real Estate Group and FitzGerald Associates Architects didn't go that far to assuage concerns—the thing still has to be profitable, after all—but they did knock the number of units from 250 down to 211, and they made efforts to break up the uniformity of the facade. The project will also include 10,000-square-feet of retail and 227 parking spaces.

The 39,000-square-foot parcel at the corner of Racine was bought from the city a few months ago and any development comes with some modest affordability stipulations. This latest iteration approaches the size of a previous condo design for the site, which vanished three years ago like so many other projects. That pitch called for 164 units. We'll see if Ascend has checked its ambitions enough for the neighbors. Hat tip: Spyguy at Skyscraper Page for unearthing yet another timely rendering.
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