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I.M. Pei Mid-Century Townhouse Sells for $438K in Hyde Park

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We somehow missed this listing when it dropped in January. And now it's in someone's pocket. Sorry if we let down any would-be buyers out there. The townhouse, part of I.M. Pei's famous late-50s compound running along Harper Ave south of 55th to 57th, is a picture of fortress-like living with an enclosed park-like backyard. Pretty spacious at 2,400 square feet with four-bedrooms, the listing agent is correct to suggest some need for updating. This is especially so for the decor which doesn't match the architecture in the slightest. We can't speak to the mechanicals, and the bathrooms aren't pictured. Not at all street-friendly, I.M. Pei's townhomes were build as highly private sanctuaries loosely modeled on 18th century English row houses, according to the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference's materials on Urban Renewal. The sale price of $438K is exactly $100K below the original list just five months ago. Good news for all you modernist junkies, there's plenty more where this one came from.
·Listing: 5529 S Harper Ave. [Coldwell Banker]