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Stalled Condo Building To Serve As Skeleton For Luxury Rentals

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Here's a heartening prospect out of Lakeview: the bungled 'HarborView' mid-rise condo development that we trotted out for you last summer is newly undead, thanks to the owner's latest intention to go rental. A tipster led us to the posted site plan on the Belmont Harbor Neighbors website. What was recently presented at the neighborhood group's meeting leans heavily on the original condo plan. The 10-story building at 434 W Melrose Street will stick with a design for 26 units. The new rendering by Axios Architects contrasts with the old in its lighter brick, inset balconies, and mansard roof. Otherwise it's the same as the building approved years ago, meant to have been completed in 2006. The building will rise 132 feet and will provide one parking space per unit. Whatever minor squabbles ensue, surely no one will miss the stump. Jump over to the Belmont Harbor Neighbors site for more plans and elevations.
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