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Lincoln Park's Glorious 'House of Light' Sells for $2M

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If any house has what it takes to fetch 3+ million in a down market, this is it. We're somewhat surprised it didn't. The singular Larry Booth masterpiece known as the 'House of Light' has ample square footage (4,900) but perhaps too few bedrooms (3) for its original list price of $3.2M. Oh yeah, and it does without outlandish amenities like home theaters, saunas, and bars. The consequence: it sold this week for only $2M. Booth really got his head together for this one, and you can see the strides and imperfections in his work leading up to it here, here, and here. Built in 1983, this house takes Booth's lighting experiments to new heights with its institutional-scale central staircase cutting a gaping hole through the core of the house. Front and rear window walls assist in flooding the whole house with natural light. O 'House of Light', perhaps we'll meet again in another 20 years.
·Listing: 1828 N Orleans St. [Koenig & Strey]
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