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Cabrini Bygones

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The city and CPS are poised to execute a multi-part swap that will result in the city gaining control over the 11-acre site of the shuttered Near North High School at 1450 N Larrabee, writes Ian Fullerton for Skyline Newspaper. In exchange, CPS will receive major TIF support for its Jones College Prep construction and 19 acres of land on the Northwest Side. The city will also walk away with another 11-acre school property in South Lawndale. The Cabrini-adjacent acquisition is most significant because it frees up prime land for the CHA to be able to meet its housing redevelopment obligations. The agency must meet a court-ordered mandate of 996 public and section-8 replacement units. The Cabrini area once contained 1,324 CHA units. [Skyline, photo via]