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Giant Restored Greystone Hangs On To Original Woodwork

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In the Oakland/North Kenwood pocket of lakeside architectural treats there's a fair number of downtrodden 19th century houses, many of them ornate Greystones. This newly-listed for sale selection was the same way a year ago, when it sold as fixer-upper for $85K after a monumental price collapse. Now asking $499K, the five-bed 4,000-square-foot home at the end of a row of matching Greystones has been completely renewed with a new kitchen, finished basement, restored custom woodwork and hardwood floors, and an all-around sprucing-up. The fireplaces look decorative, but we could be wrong on that. Two bedrooms and two baths have been added in the renovation.
·Listing: 3961 S Drexel Blvd. [Summit Realty]