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Mega Mansion Watch

Hot shot local businessman Richard Simon, CEO of United Service Cos., has the blessing of Prairie District Neighborhood Alliance to put up a 13,300-square-foot home on the same block as the Marshall Field mansion. And not only will it rub shoulders with one of Chicago's grandest mansions, it'll mimic it by design too. The plan, according to Crain's, is being welcomed because it'll fill in a 100' x 180' parking lot where condos were once planned, and because it's not another risky condo project. The seller, whose ambitions collapsed in bankruptcy, paid $4.25M for the land in 2007, and has reportedly recouped just $1.5M in resale. The new mansion will also include two one-bedroom apartments above a garage. Whether for the help or the in-laws, we can't know for sure. [Crain's, rendering: Schmidt Design, Inc.]