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The Great Rendering Reveal: Projects In The Pipeline

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It's safe to assume that the recession-induced dry spell that ended the boom of high-rise development in Chicago has eased a bit. Although the condo market remains cool, demand for hotel and rental units has created a boomlet of sorts. It's nothing approaching what we saw pre-recession, when it seemed like a rendering of a brand new project was unveiled on an almost weekly basis. But there's still an impressive array of projects in the works, particularly downtown. And what better way to take stock of where things currently stand than by assembling renderings of some active proposals for our viewing pleasure. Highlights, besides the excellence from Lothan Van Hook DeStefano Architecture, include 375 East Wacker, a rectilinear building whose soaring height and dramatic void will make it, along with Aqua, one of the pieces de resistance of the Lakeshore East mega-development. As far as lowlights, we'll resist the knee-jerk reaction to excoriate Northwestern's outpatient facility. It's far too easy a target. Rounding out the bottom: Studio D's unartful "design" for a narrow surface lot at 174 West Randolph between Randolph Tower, currently under renovation, and the Burnham Building. Now, onto those purdy pictures...