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Former Montgomery Ward Observatory-Turned-Penthouse

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The penthouse structure perched atop the former Montgomery Ward Headquarters at 6 N Michigan Ave has been in shambles for some time. Bearing resemblance to the Cultural Center by way of towering archways and soaring ceilings, the 2,551-square-foot condo has mostly-intact 'white box' living spaces. The great exception is the vaulted observatory space, which awaits an architect's stamp. Its grand windows cast out over Millennium Park. And the private rooftop—also raw—affords the most diabolical views. According to Chicago Architectural Info, in its heyday the building sported a ten-story crown, topped with a three-story pyramid, a temple, and a weather vane crafted into a female form. The weather vane was transported many years ago to the old Montgomery Ward Complex the slinks along the North Branch at Chicago and Larrabee (now the de facto Groupon building). So, how much for this five-bedroom dynamo? An even $4M, with assessments for $6,101/month. Ouch.
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