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Seller of Adler-Designed Colonial Manse Throws in a Bentley

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The Curbed inbox captured a tip about an unusual real estate agent incentive at play in Lake Forest. You may already know about the Cudahy Family mansion, on the market in Lake Forest for $4.9M. It's a major early work of architects Henry Dangler and David Adler, built in 1914 for meatpacking barons Joseph and Joan Cudahy. They resided here until the late 1920s, after which the estate was subdivided and sliced up by new streets. Still, there's a none-to-shabby two acres of buffer surrounding the 10,000-square-foot eight-bedroom manse. Despite enormous size and personality the property has been on the market now for two years, humbled by utter price destruction. It was originally listed for $7.9M. Now, per the tip and accompanying Coldwell Banker press release, it appears the seller is making the game a little more interesting. Never mind vacations and VIP events, this incentive awards the owner's 1991 Bentley 8 to the agent who completes the sale. Sorry would-be buyers, no comparable teaser for you— just the mansion, its pool, tennis court, and a smattering of original Jen Jensen woodland plantings.
·Listing: 275 Sussex Lane, Lake Forest [Coldwell Banker]