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Are Those Blossoms or Spores? We Shouldn't Have To Ask

Out with the gold leaf, in with the toxic mold patterning. We suppose these are poppies or something, but sheesh!, they're awfully invasive. We don't mean to pick on the house itself, which is a lovely 1920s bungalow in tranquil Portage Park. We only wish to brighten your day. The 4/2 has charming and picturesque curb appeal but suffers from an onslaught of stale carpeting. A buyer can take solace in the fact that hardwoods lie beneath the endless carpet. To the listing agent's credit, no pains are taken to put a positive spin on the mess before you. The listing speaks only of potential. New to market as an estate sale, the asking price is $259K. Is Mango Ave a magnet for eccentrics? We hereby commence our unscientific monitoring of the situation.
·Listing: 4050 N Mango Ave. [Coldwell Banker]