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Jackson Park Highlands 'Castle' Sells For Half Its '08 List Price

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Here now, from South Shore's Jackson Park Highlands, a just-sold faux castle endowed with equally ostentatious interiors. We don't have photos to share, but we have it on good authority that the four-bed home is affixed with mahogany-beamed ceilings, limestone, "rare wood" paneled rooms, and arched doorways. In other news, the master suite has its own private balcony, there's a "3-floor den/rec room" if you can picture such a thing, and the finished basement boasts a family room and fireplace. The home was originally listed in March 2008, and, according to Crib Chatter, it was going for $650K later that year. The sale price of $342,500 is also well below the 1997 sale price of $430K. For a glimpse of the interiors, check out this VHT video tour from 2009.
·Listing: 6721 S Bennett Ave. [Supreme Manor Real Estate]