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High-floor Marina City Condo With 3 Balconies Asks $449K

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Annexation is common enough in Bertrand Goldberg's corncob Marina City towers. One-bedroom wedges, coming in at about 750-square-feet, aren't of much use to many. However, of the couple dozen units currently listed for sale, just two are 2-beds sporting three balconies. One is on the 56th floor and fully furnished, and the other—which we're talking up today—has a 59th floor perch, is unfurnished, and is priced at $449K ($50K less than its lower floor twin). Oh, and the listing supplied us with a floorplan, which made it a no-brainer. On and off the market since October, the 1,225-square-foot condo has a balcony for each room. Both bedrooms have ensuite baths and private balcony access. And, while the interiors are a blank canvas, they're in fine shape with a new paint job, new carpeting, and rehabbed kitchen and bath. Building amenities include a fitness room, roof deck, and ground floor retail and restaurants.
·Listing: 300 N State St. #5906 [RE/MAX]

Marina City

300 North State Street, , IL 60654