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Development Update: "Tower of Jewel"

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The Sun-Times is reporting that Fifield, recently selected as developer for a high-rise planned at Clark and Division, has commissioned Solomon Cordwell Buenz (SCB) as the architecture firm for the project. A new Jewel grocery store will be located in the base of the building. This means that Brininstool Kerwin and Lynch's previous design for the site, a 40-story avant-garde gem known as Tower of Jewel, is history. Fifield has opted to seek community input before coming up with a new design, telling the Sun-Times: "We don’t want to present anything as a fait accompli. There are sophisticated people there. They are going to want to have a say." Considering the prominence of the site, we hope SCB is able to deliver something truly distinctive. As Fifield said: “This is as good as it gets for location." [Sun-Times, image: Google Streetview]