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Punchy Southport Contempo Hits the Market for $925K

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Here's a clever market find: a non-formulaic contemporary four-bed in the Southport Corridor. Completed in 2009 by home-grown firm Perimeter Architects, the structure adapts to a triangular site with some help from stilts. The punchy exterior doesn't fully carry through to the interiors, with the spaces and fixtures doing little to distance it from an ocean of standard new-builds. The main standout is in window arrangement. They're generally of irregular shape and set higher than normal. Best of all are the interior windows, creating unexpected portals between rooms. The home's peppered with eco-design features like a rain-screen external wall assembly, 2 X 6 construction, and fancy-pants insulation (i.e. over our heads). The AIA-awarded contempo has also had magazine mentions, like in this issue of New American Luxury. hat's wonderful and all, but what of basic creature comforts? How 'bout a "Euro wet room"? Whatever that is, it can't be bad. The ask? $925K.
·Listing: 3028 N Southport Ave. [Dream Town]