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K Station Tower Rising Steadily Above Halsted Bridge

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Last weekend, Curbed ventured to the slightly off-the-beaten-path locale of K2 in the Fulton River District. The dreary weather was befitting of a site hemmed on one side by the gritty underside of the Halsted Bridge. When we last visited, the pair of cores had barely edged above street level and foundation work was still taking place on the western portion of the site. Flash forward four months, and the behemoth concrete skeleton is around 7-8 stories high, making its presence felt to passersby on the Halsted Bridge and Kennedy Expressway. What can future residents of the 34-story, 496-unit building expect in terms of amenities? Here's a sampling: theater room with a 120-inch projection television, lounge areas, and 70-foot lap pool with four full-sized swimming lanes. Enjoy the pics!

· Construction Well Underway at Final K Station Tower [Curbed Chicago]