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For $1.49M: A Full-Floor Vintage Condo With Two of Everything

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At one point, an owner of this 4,900-square-foot condo on the 13th floor of 222 E Chestnut combined two already-extravagant side-by-side units to fill out an entire floor. The original units mirrored one another, and thus you get the theme of duplication. Of course, some modifications were made: the second kitchen now hosts fitness equipment (but still has basic kitchen fixtures); one of the dining rooms has become a billiard room; and, the double-breasted living room is half 'family room'. This last bit seems a bit silly— why not take down the middle wall to make for one huge living room? Another curiosity is the intact twin galleries. You just have to know where to turn when you enter through the foyer. The ask—$1.49M—doesn't feel exorbitant given size and location, that is until you factor in the nearly $3K/month in assessments. Legit prospect or gawker's delight?
·Listing: 222 E Chestnut #13 [Baird & Warner]