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57th Floor of The (former) Elysian Sells Raw for $3.85M

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The raw 4,500-square-foot 57th floor of the newly-minted Waldorf Astoria hotel & residences has just been sold for $3.85M. In addition to the high ceilings and panoramic views, the unit boasts four(!) outdoor spaces. The listing calls it "the last opportunity to customize a full floor residence". Ah well, another trophy lost to an even bigger kahuna. You may recall, the Elysian brand has faded, replaced by Waldorf Astoria. A Waldorf branding is hardly a threat to home values. Hotel amenities include a spa, gym, pool, restaurants, valet parking, and concierge. That's unlikely to change with new ownership. Think this is big money? The 56th floor penthouse—another even larger raw space—has a sale pending for something in the neighborhood of $6M.
·Listing: 11 E Walton St. Ph 56 [Jameson Sotheby's]

The Elysian

11 East Walton Street, Chicago, IL 60611 Visit Website